BlackBerry Priv running Marshmallow

Tesla had a huge week, starting off with their quarterly earnings call — they're still losing money, in case you were concerned. No, what's actually interesting is that Tesla is dramatically accelerating their production timeline, shooting to be producing 500,000 cars a year by 2018 — they plan to make 80,000-90,000 cars in 2016. They also executed a stealth upgrade option — some new Model S cars actually have a bigger battery than what they customer paid for, but they can pay to unlock the extra range.

Windows 10 has landed on 300 million computers, phones, and Xbox consoles. That's huge. Also big: a thorough updating and redesigning of HP's Pavilion PCs, our in-depth review of The Division, and details about how Microsoft plans to modernize classic Windows apps.

Google made a huge and long-awaited update to their keyboard app: one-handed mode (and some other stuff) while the HTC 10 got a software update with camera improvements. And while the roll-out of Marshmallow for the BlackBerry Priv continues, BlackBerry's CEO confirmed that two new phones are coming by the end of the year (and we'd put out money on them running Android).

Apple, ever the subject of the tech media's attention, found itself in the cross-hairs again. This time? Well-founded confusion about the confusing way that Apple Music merges streaming, cloud, and local music and the un-ending clamor that Apple's best days are behind it (which may be true, but is likely hogwash).

We should also mention the elephant in the room: that huge data breach that may have compromised up to 232 million logins for Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. If there was any doubt that you should be using two-factor authentication to make sure your accounts are secure, it should be erased now. Here's how to set-up two-factor authentication for your Apple, Google, and Microsoft accounts. Additionally, check Two Factor for a comprehensive list of services where you can enable two-factor authentication.