BlackBerry Venice

There's a phrase: in the eye of the storm. It's meant to evoke a certain "calmness" that exists in the eye of a hurricane, a respite from the pounding, a brief moment where you can pause to catch your breath. You might call this past week such a thing after the big Apple event last week and the events marked into the calendar in the coming weeks. You would be wrong.

This week saw the official widespread launch of Android Pay, which is going up against not just Apple Pay on iPhones, but head-to-head against Samsung Pay on Samsung Android phones. Oh, and this little thing called iOS 9 launched onto iPhones and iPads around the world, with a tremendous 22,000-word review from iMore as reading material for the weekend

Windows 10 saw new preview builds released for both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 for PCs — and speaking of Windows 10 phones, there's a big event scheduled for October where we expect to see new hardware running said software. The folks in BlackBerry land got to see the much-anticipated Android-running BlackBerry Venice vertical slider leak from pretty much every angle. Again. This time with video. Pretty much the only questions left about this device are these: when will it launch and how much will cost?

Sure, we're in the eye of the storm, but don't think that means it's calm.