BlackBerry Priv update

Windows Central Gems is back! With support from Microsoft we're checking out some great and maybe overlooked apps across the Microsoft ecosystem — and giving away a bunch of great prizes to boot!

Google just scored a big win in its ongoing court battle with Oracle over Java APIs. It's far from the end of the case, but it's a major turning point in the legal drama. ZTE impressed the hell out of us with the Axon 7, and we've got Moto X leaks and OnePlus 3 teases and for some reason a Batman version of the Galaxy S7.

As the ramp up to the Model 3, Tesla is going all out on fundraising and raking in $1.7 billion from a stock offering. Tesla's Autopilot system has also seriously extended its already long lead over competing autonomy systems by racking up 100 million autonomous miles, though we still can't recommend you sleep in the driver's seat.

Following Google's impressive smart assistant demonstrations at Google I/O, Apple's finding their Siri assistant unfavorably compared to Google and Amazon's Alexa, but Apple might have something up their sleeves to address that and help the company stay relevant.

If you're an Xbox gamer, you're no doubt giving consideration to the latest flagship game release. It's Overwatch, and it's simply phenomenal. And we're starting to get rumors of new Xbox hardware in just a few weeks at E3.

All of that and much, much more in this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly!