Just search for 'Mobile Nations' within the BlackBerry Podcasts app on your BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook. Be sure to subscribe!

Mobile Nations Podcast now available for download!

The subject line on this one says it all... you can now download and listen to our new Mobile Nations podcast directly on your BlackBerry Smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook from within the BlackBerry Podcasts app!

What is Mobile Nations? In case you missed our original blog post introducing Mobile Nations, the 411 is that it's our new cross-site, cross-platform podcast that brings together the "heads of state" from each of our sibling sites. Think of it as the United Nations gone Mobile! We'll still be doing all of our platform-specific shows independently from CrackBerry, Android Central, TiPb, PreCentral and WPCentral as we normally do, but in addition we'll also be recording on a bi-weekly basis the new Mobile Nations show. If you liked our Smartphone Round Robin podcasts of the past when all of our managing site editors got together, you're going to love the Mobile Nations podcast. But instead of once a year, we'll be doing this baby up bi-weekly!

The idea came to us this past Friday morning and we recorded our pilot episode that afternoon, so everything is under construction right now (new logo, site, intros, etc. all to come), but if you love podcasts you'll want to listen to Episode Zero asap and be sure to give us feedback on how you want to see the show evolve. We'll be recording Episode 1 next Friday, June 24th. Don't miss it!

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