Ready to make the exciting next step in your career? Mobile Nations has been growing ever since 1999, and we've reached the point where we need to bring on some new awesome people to do some new awesome things. Are you a data expert or a deals fiend or an SEO guru? We might just have the job for you.

Mobile Nations Data & SEO Analyst

Us: The leading mobile technology news, editorial, and community network, always growing and exploring new opportunities. World traveler. Virgo.

You: An experienced expert in keyword analysis, search intent analysis, search engine optimization, and content analysis. Must love blogs.

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Mobile Nations Product Growth Hacker

Mobile Nations has been around since 1999, but we like to think that we're nowhere near done growing. We've conquered the smartphone space and now we're expanding into VR, deals, automotive, and more. Because we're constantly evolving and improving our content and our sites and our processes, we want to bring on data, metrics, and testing expert to ensure we're making the most of everything we do. Do you love A/B testing, bounce rates, and funnels? This gig's for you!

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Mobile Nations Owned Media Manager

Fun tidbit: Mobile Nations' internal ad and sponsorship units receive more than 400 million impressions every month. Direct sponsorship opportunities allow Mobile Nations to both generate the revenue needed for our operations and serve our readers better with more relevant and less painful ads. With an expanding focus on direct sponsorship campaigns, we want to bring on an expert in monetization and performance optimization to manage scheduling, management, prioritization, creatives, deployment, and reporting.

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In case you missed it we're also looking for some word people over @ Thrifter:

Thrifter Freelance Writer

Do you love finding good deals? So do we! The newest site in the Mobile Nations family needs your help. is looking for writers to contribute to our growing deals team with our mission: finding the best deals on the greatest products! It's more than just mere deals — it's about helping our readers live a smart and sensible and awesome life. We need proficient and prolific writers who can self-organize and self-motivate their way to finding the best deals on the planet. Is that you?

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