We're not quite one week into Mobile Nations Health & Fitness Month and already I've encountered my first major challenge... going to a BlackBerry DevCon Europe. Getting into a healthy routine of eating healthy and exercising regularly is hard enough at home as it is, and attempting to maintain it while traveling is even more difficult. And at a BlackBerry reception, where free drinks flow and tasty apps pass by you every minute, well, it's basically impossible.

Wanting to indulge a little bit but not fall of the bandwagon completely (there's a lot of work to be done on my workout plan), we put into play a new mobile fitness tip tonight. The PUSHUP CHALLENGE.  On Video. The premise here is simple. If you indulge, you drop and do a set of pushups. And if you're in a group people, you go head to head with a friendly opponent and capture the event in HD. It's as simple as that. Sometimes you don't need a health & fitness app or accessory to get results... you just need to remember to take advantage of the awesome functionality that comes with your phone right out of the box. Use that camera!