Mobile Nations Fitness Month Roundup. Don't forget to enter our Grand Prize Giveaway

We've reached the end of the Mobile Nations Fitness Month for 2013. How did you do? The past four weeks we have held contests, recommend useful apps and accessories, as well as asked you to share your health and fitness stories with us for a chance to win some prizes, while at the same time get you back on track to working out. At least that was the goal. How did you fare?

With these things, we have set goals that all try to make but they don't always go the way we wanted. For me personally, Fitness Month was a chance for me to get back to it all. I did very well last year when it came to working out regularly and eating right but when the holidays come around, it tends to go downhill for me. I always plan to get back to it in the new year but it isn't always easy. So, having something like Fitness Month certainly kicks me up the butt and helps me get on my way.

To be honest though, I didn't get to workout as much as I'd like to have. I attend regular Taekwondo classes but doing more on top of that doesn't always go to plan. However, the fact that we focused on diferrent topics this year was very beneficial. Week one was all about exercise, then we had nutrition. Week three talked about sleep and relaxtion with a very informative Zen and Tech podcast with WPCentral's Daniel Rubino, and week four was all about balance. 

We've had a fairly active BBM Group going throughout the month, with a few sharing their tips for staying fit and healthy. I'd sure like to keep that group going. While I haven't had the best month of fitness, just because fitness month is over, I'm going to continue working out and trying out all the tips and tricks I have come across the past four weeks. I should hope that fitness month has motivated you enough too to carry on with all the things too. We'd like to hear any of your fitness month stories too. Did you reach your goal? Share your stories in the comments.

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