Mobile Nations Fitness Month - Week 1, Day 3

It's Fitness Month here at Mobile Nations and we've reached day three. I hope that you're all getting on well. Following the holidays, I find it difficult to get myself back into a workout regime. While I'll attend Taekwon-Do class, I want to do more but don't always end up not doing it. Having fitness month helps to get me back on track and we hope it will do the same for you.

Don't forget we're having daily contests in the forums. So, be sure to check those out everyday. We'll remind you here on the blogs too. There is also a weekly contest with this week's theme being Exercise My Way. Just post in the forum on how you use either your BlackBerry smartphone or PlayBook (or both) to stay in shape.

We'll also get a BBM Group going so you can share your exercise tips and tricks, diet tips and more. We've already posted a handle of app recommendations for you to try out, if you use any not on the list, give them a share too. 

Come on CrackBerry Nation, let's get pumping!!

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