Mozilla has been working on a mobile version of their Firefox browser. And now they have released initial designs of Mobile Firefox’s user interface. The design considers two classes of devices: touch screen enabled devices and devices where screen navigation is performed with a keyboard or similar.

Looking at the non-touchscreen devices, there are some interesting notes about how the UI will work..

Firefox Mobile

Because non-touch screen mobile devices do not have a pointer device, navigating web applications can be troublesome. To correct this, we use a virtual cursor, controlled by the directional pad.

On long presses of the directional pad, the browser should begin smooth scrolling. After a set amount of time, the page should gradually zoom out to give the user a view of the entire layout and facilitate faster scrolling. This also in effect will gradually accelerate the scrolling. When the long press ends, the browser should begin gradually zooming back in on the element that the cursor is positioned over.

Mozilla is aiming to reproduce the look and feel and functionality consistency with Firefox 3.

You can find out more about the design at this link. No word yet on whether we’ll get it on the BlackBerry, but if you want your voice heard, this might be a good place to start.

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