BlackBerry 10 has been called a "mobile computing platform" over and over again, and while there is still untapped potential, there are also still plenty of users that put their BlackBerry 10 devices through the mobile computing paces each day. 

The video above shows off the BlackBerry Z30 and USB host mode, allowing the user to run a computing space from the device. The user is listening to music while editing text and replying to BBM messages. A USB drive is used to edit a presentation which is saved back to the drive and also sent to the cloud - all using just the Z30 and a few external devices - but no actual computer.

We've been using BlackBerry devices in this manner for quite some time (think Playbook with an external keyboard and mouse) and it's cool to see how the methods can actually be put to use in the work space. I'm holding out for some awesome lapdock accessories and other gadgets to make this even more of a reality. The mysterious Z10 multimedia dock would be great for this use as you could have it hooked up to power and a monitor and just drop in your device and not have to worry about so many plugs to get up and running.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!