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Review of Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry Smartphones

In today's economy financial matters are on most everyone's mind, so with that being said I thought a financial application would be fitting for my first review. I decided to try Mobile Checkbook by Mobatech because at a price of $9.99 it seemed to advertise all the features I would actually USE. If you're anything like me and have this obsessive need to make sure everything balances down to the penny then you've probably run through the gamut of options like checkbook registers, duplicate checks & computer financial software. Since my Blackberry is pretty much with me at all times (ok, maybe not in the shower but that's only because I know I'd drop it & I'm pretty sure my Blackberry isn't waterproof), I figured I'd let it simplify one more area of my life.

About Mobile Checkbook

Mobile Checkbook takes the place of an actual paper transaction register and allows the user to record their transactions as they occur or at a later date. The user may also transfer funds, reconcile accounts and set up automatic or recurring transactions. There is no limit on how many accounts you may create and the application even allows you to use one of many currency options (you can even remove the currencies you won't use). Mobile Checkbook transaction lists can be exported via email with optional XLS or QIF attachments which can then be imported easily into most computer financial software. Mobile Checkbook even has a PIN code password feature that you can set just in case you're worried about someone seeing your financial information if your phone gets lost.

Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry
Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry


After using Mobile Checkbook for a few days, I'd have to say the app is a great addition to anyone's Blackberry. It is very user-friendly and the screens are easy to read. I loved being able to reconcile my accounts and see the difference of what had already cleared versus what hadn't. The support staff (thanks again @Mobatech on Twitter) were expedient in their response time and very helpful when I posed the question of current versions & backup options. Plus at only 475 KB, it took up very little memory on my 8330 (and yes, I'm still rocking the 8330 because I can't force myself to take the plunge on the 9650 just yet with all the "rumors" of newer & better coming this fall). My only negative suggestion is that the backup/restore option is a bit long & involves the use of Desktop Manager. I would love to see this streamlined in the future and have been told that it's in the works and will not require Desktop Manager. This app can be downloaded via & Blackberry App World.


  • User Friendly friendly option screens
  • Takes up very little memory space
  • Has the option to schedule recurring transactions to be deducted/deposited automatically
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Reconciliation option


  • Does not sync with actual accounts
  • Backup/Restore option is a little more lengthy then I would like

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