Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry!

You just gotta love What other blog would follow up a post about using your BlackBerry to get in shape in 2009 with one on mixing better alcoholic beverages to say farewell to 2008! :-)

JUST in time for New Year's Eve, the folks at Mobatech have now made their popular Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry application available in a Storm-compatible version. If you haven't heard of Mobile Bartender before, be sure to check out our CrackBerry review. The app can be purchased for $7.95 from our Software Store, but don't forget, until midnight on Jan 1st you can save yourself 20% on all software if you purchase via on your BlackBerry and checkout using coupon code endofyearsale20.

So other than champagne at the stroke of midnight, who's drinking what tomorrow?