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The good folks over at SOTI let us know they've updated their remote control assistance program to v3.0.0.939. This version brings not just support for OS 7 devices but a bunch of new features as well. If you're not familiar with MobiAssist, it's a cloud-based helpdesk service that allows technicians to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose BlackBerry devices no matter where the person may be. For example, my co-worker's device died in Pennsylvania and I reactivated his BlackBerry on BES from New York.
  • Remote Control Conferencing Technology: Immediately conference in other people (e.g. support technicians, developers, etc.) into a support session and resolve matters right away. SOTI brings the world's first such technology for the mobile platform, allowing an unlimited number of technicians to instantly join a MobiAssist session in progress to view and control the end user's mobile device or desktop, saving time from transferring sessions and increasing first call resolution. Technicians in the shared session can also instantly show their own desktop screen and give mouse and keyboard control to other technicians if required.
  • RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Integration: BES Administrators and support technicians can now directly view device information like Username, email, PIN, Phone Number, Carrier, Model, OS, and also instantly and securely remote control any BlackBerry in their BES/BESX without the end user initiating the connection.
  • BMC Remedy Integration: Support technicians using BMC Remedy Service Desk can launch a secure, remote MobiAssist support session directly from a ticket and instantly being troubleshooting and resolving a problem on the first call. All the chat information and events performed, or files accessed during the remote support session are fully tracked and stored in the ticket, so they can easily be searched for within Remedy.
  • Advanced Technician Access Rights: Start a support session in a chat only mode and then request the end user to allow remote control of their device for further troubleshooting only if required. Administrators have the flexibility to configure each support technician's initial access when a MobiAssist session starts and also configure what features they can request from an end user. For example, a support technician may not get any File System access at all, or only get it if approved by the end user or just start off with it.
  • Custom Terms and Conditions: Have end users accept a set of Terms and Conditions prior to starting any remote control session ensuring support technicians aren't accessing devices without consent from the end user. Terms and Conditions can simply point to an existing URL if they are already defined, or can be configured directly in the web portal.
SOTI offers a 45-day free trial and a live demo with one of their representatives. Subscriptions are available on a yearly or month to month basis and vary by the number of support representatives using the system. It is compatible with most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.6 and higher and most Windows PC's running XP or later.
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