Battery Saver by MMMOOO
MMMOOO wants to thank everyone for another great year, and what better time to do that then at Thanksgiving? They have come up with a free version of their popular utility Battery Saver, designed especially for the holiday. This app functions as a screensaver when your BlackBerry is plugged in or when you activate it manually, showing the custom Thanksgiving battery image as well as the current time and date, battery percentage and other information. This is actually a slimmed down version of Battery Saver Pro, which also includes options for automatically locking and dimming your screen, turning off wifi, radio, applications, and the device itself. This is a great way to help get your battery through the day. Another fun feature, the battery icon in the pro version is customizable with tons of options including colors, flags, and designs.

The Battery Saver UI looks slick and is easy to navigate ensuring that you will only activate the tweaks that you want. Compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones including the new BlackBerry 7 devices, you can pick up Battery Saver Thanksgiving FREE or Battery Saver Pro for $2.99 at the links below. If you try out either the Thanksgiving or Pro version of Battery Saver, please leave MMMOOO a quick review of the app in the store. Constructive reviews help developers improve their apps!

Contest: MMMOOO sent us 25 copies of Battery Saver Pro to give away to you guys this week! Be sure to check out the Battery Saver Thanksgiving, and then come back to take your shot at winning a free copy of the Pro version. To enter to win, leave a comment below. Winners will be chosen at midnight PST on Sunday. One entry per person please.

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