Missing Adobe Flash on 10.3.1? Here's the best way to get it back!

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When it was announced BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 would drop Adobe Flash support, some folks were upset but given the fact even Adobe doesn't support Flash on mobile anymore it wasn't entirely unexpected. Still, many folks rely on Adobe Flash and having it built into the native BlackBerry 10 browser was a bonus for those who needed it and since its removal, folks have been looking for the best way to get it back.

Sure, you can load the Android version of Adobe Flash and any Android browser that supports it such as FlashFox or Dolphin but now there's a better way that skips the whole Android process and brings it back while keeping it as a native BlackBerry 10 experience thanks to FileArchiveHaven.

  • Download the Flash Enabled Browser
  • Sideload the file to your BlackBerry device
  • Download yeah.so
  • Browse to the Device/misc folder on your phone, and create a "plugins" folder (no quotes)
  • Copy yeah.so to /Device/misc/plugins
  • Launch the Flash Browser (if it is already running, close and reopen it) and go play Flash games! You're done!

For quick links, you can use the following URL: http://www.filearchivehaven.com/data/YeahSo/. You can also use this URL to ensure Flash is working.

Once you're done, you'll have a new browser installed on your device but it will be identical to the native BlackBerry 10 browser only with Flash included as it was before the 10.3.1 update. The process might be a little bit harder than going the Android route, but at the least the choice is there and that's awesome! You can discuss it more in the CrackBerry forums.

Via: BBIn

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