A classic game on BlackBerry legacy devices was Brick Breaker which came preloaded on the devices. It was initially developed by BlackBerry (then RIM) to 'test on earlier BlackBerry devices, then to showcase the color screens'. It took off and became a highly addictive game for BlackBerry owners and we even had our very own Brick Breaker Guide, including an Ultimate Butt Kicking Guide. We were sad to see that it would not make its way on to BlackBerry 10 and of course that filled the void. There are loads to be found in BlackBerry World but one that caught my eye was Retroid.

Retroid is very different from the original classic but if you want a Brick Breaker-style fix, it's a great little game. Retroid comes with 4 episodes and within each episode you'll find 15 levels. The episodes are more or less themes. So, you'll have a very plain retro looking theme all the way to a space themed episode.

There are power-ups (extend board, snail pace, extra life) and power-downs (decrease board, speed up ball). You can rack more points if you get double, triple hits too.

It's a nice bit of fun and while not exactly the Brick Breaker we all came to love it's a game I've added to my time killers list. It also has the Built for BlackBerry stamp of approval. My only with Retroid is that I find the ball moves a little too slow for my liking. Towards the end of each level when there are fewer bricks to break, I just find it drags a little. Perhaps the pace could be speeded up by a bit, otherwise it's a nice bit of fun. 

There is a free version where the first episode is unlocked. You can then purchase the other levels at $0.99 each or you could just buy the entire collection for $1.99. It is available for all current BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as the PlayBook.

Download Retroid from BlackBerry World