A while back we told you about the Mireo voice guided satellite application and the fact that it comes with a free seven day trial. The developer dropped me an email to let us know that BlackBerry Q10 owners can now take advantage of the app and with it's free trial there is no reason not too.

Of course, we already have the native BlackBerry Maps app which does a decent job, but if you jump into the settings of Mireo you will see a bunch of options - such as speed camera alerts, speed alerts, language and units just to name a few - so there are many advantages over the native Maps app.

If you decide to purchase a map after the free trial all future updates will be free and unlimited which sounds good to me. Mireo really is a beauty and if you drive I would highly recommend giving it a try - what have you got to lose?

If you missed our demo video of Mireo on the Z10 you can catch it here.

More information/Download Mireo for the BlackBerry Q10