You may have seen us cover Mireo for BlackBerry 10 a short while ago as it offers a ton of extra features over the native voice guided navigation we get with BlackBerry Maps. If you tried out the free seven day trial you get with the app but were reluctant to purchase your regional map then now may be a good time to have a re-think.

The developers got in touch with me to let you all know that they are currently offering a 40% discount on all maps. The prices do vary depending where in the world you are but below are a few examples of the original price .vs the discount:

  • Eastern Europe - was $29.99 - now $17.99
  • North America - was $19.99 - now $12.99
  • South Africa - was $29.99 - now $17.99
  • UK - was $18.99 - now $12.99
  • Bulgaria - was $11.99 - now $7.99

Mireo really is a great voice guided satellite application. If you missed our initial video of it you can check it out here. Alternatively, if you didn't give it a try you can get you seven day trial from the link below. It gets the thumbs up from me. It runs like a dream.

More information/Download Mireo for free for BlackBerry 10