There's a new kid on the block if you're looking for a voice guided navigation app for BlackBerry 10. Mireo is available to download from BlackBerry World and although maps require payment you do get seven days of free use to test it out which I think is a super move by the developers.

There is a huge selection of maps/countries to choose from and as you will see from the below list many are using the maps from TomTom so you know you will be getting a quality product. I've actually been using the app for a couple of weeks and I must say it is pretty sweet. Of course, we do get navigation built into the native BlackBerry 10 Maps app now but Mireo offers a ton more features, so if you rely on a sat nav on a regular basis this one could well be just what you need.

If you jump into the settings of Mireo you will see a bunch of options - such as speed camera alerts, speed alerts, language and units just to name a few. You really can set the app up just how you like it.

With a search tab at the base of the screen finding a location only takes a few seconds. There is also a volume tab here, which I love, so you can use a bar to adjust the volume with ease.

If you decide to purchase a map after the free trial all future updates will be free and unlimited which sounds good to me. Mireo really is a beauty and if you drive I would highly recommend giving it a try - what have you got to lose?

Available Maps:

  • North America (TomTom) The package includes the US & Canada
  • Western Europe (TomTom) The package includes AT, BE & LU, DK, FI, FR, DE, IE, IT, MT, NL, NO, PT, ES, SE, CH, GB)
  • Eastern Europe (TomTom/Mireo) The package includes AL, BY, BiH, BG, HR, CZ, EE, GR, HU, LV, LT, MK, MD, ME, PL, RO, RS, SK, SI)
  • Russia (TomTom)
  • GCC and Egypt (TomTom) The package includes Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE
  • India (Street level map by MapmyIndia)India (Premium map with house numbers by MapmyIndia)
  • Brazil (Imagem)
  • DACH (TomTom) The package includes Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • Benelux (TomTom) The package includes Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxemburg
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Mireo)
  • British Isles (TomTom: w/ UK 7 Digit Postcodes) The package includes Great Britain & Ireland
  • Bulgaria (MMCN)
  • Croatia (Mireo)
  • France (TomTom)
  • Greece (GeoIntelligence including Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Iberia (TomTom) The package includes Spain & Portugal
  • Italy (TomTom)
  • Poland (Emapa including Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Romania (Suncart including Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Scandinavia (TomTom)
  • Serbia & Montenegro (Contrast)
  • Slovenia (Monolit map)
  • Ukraine (CarteBlanche)

More information/Download Mireo for free from BlackBerry World