MiniPaint For BlackBerry
Looking to have a little fun with the photos on your BlackBerry smartphone? Josep over at MiBlackBerry pointed out a cool new beta application that may interest some of you out there. MiniPaint allows for on device editing of your photos to assist in creating some funny results, as seen above. You can add clipart, text and even resize the photos all from your device.

The application being beta, does have a few issues but nothing that isn't easily workable. First off the navigation is a little hard to get used to as you physically need to use the "enter" key often as opposed to actually pushing the trackball in to submit changes. Also, when saving pics you will have the MiniPaint logo on all them but hey, it's beta, it's free and a commercial version will be available at a later time with even more features added to it.

MiniPaint has support for OS 4.5 and up, BlackBerry Storm remains and untested device so if you download it and it works, send some feedback letting the developers know.