So by now you've seen many of your Blackberry Messenger contacts have added all kinds of funky symbols to their names, so your screen looks something like this:

If you remember Kevin's post, you know that the BlackBerry logo was discovered and passed around Crackberry Community. I guess technically it's a BlackBerry logo that's missing a few dots (arguably looks like a Microsoft Windows logo?!) but it's the indicator icon RIM uses for 3G coverage and it's cool nonetheless and BBM users have adopted it as the BB logo. Here is the quick and easy way to snag it along with other cool symbols for yourself.

The easy ones first.  You can snag the heart, club, diamond and spade simply by copying these symbols:

♥ ♣ ♠ ♦

and pasting them into an email and sending it to your device.  Copy each one and create an AutoText entry (Options > AutoText).  Then edit your name in Blackberry Messenger, type in your AutoText and you're done!  That's all there is to it.  Check out the screens for a step by step. This approach will work with loads of other symbols as well, so play around and see what you can get working. 

Copy the symbols above and email them from a PC to your device,
or copy them from a friend in Blackberry Messenger.  
Create a new AutoText entry with a unique name
and paste the copied symbol

Edit your Blackberry Messenger info and use your new AutoText

If you're still itching to get your hands on the BlackBerry logo, you'll have to take a slightly different approach. Method 1: find a BlackBerry Messenger buddy who already has it or check the comments on Kevin's Blog Post and ask someone to help you out (there are lots of friendly folks who will add you on BBM just to swap symbols).  Then just copy it and create an AutoText in the same manner and you're set. Method 2: Visit this forum thread on your BlackBerry. When you visit on your computer the BB logo doesn't look like much, but if you view this thread from your BlackBerry's web browser it will show up as the BlackBerry logo and you can C&P it from there.

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