I was instantly attracted to Miika due to the screenshots used in BlackBerry World. Although I'm not a massive fan of games that make me use my brain too much this one looked different to all other BlackBerry 10 puzzle games so I decided to part with my two bucks and get in on the Miika action.

And I'm glad I did as Miika is a real sweet game. I was going to give you a short tempting summary of Miika but the developer has left the perfect one on BlackBerry World, which I can't do better than, so here's the concept:

Miika is a beautiful 3D puzzle game based on camera perspectives combined with the use of optical illusions. Miika challenges players with mind twisting puzzles mixed with a surrealistic four seasonal feel.

At the start of each level Miika will be on a platform and you need to get him onto another, but the two or more platforms are separated. Using a finger or thumb you move around the screen, which alters the angles of the platforms and at some point you'll be able to join them together. It takes some practice, but it is a glorious game - not only to look at, but also to play. It's relaxed, although challenging, but at the same time you're almost on the edge of your seat trying to complete each level.

Features include:

  • Visually beautiful three-dimensional puzzle game

  • New challenging and addictive dynamic gameplay!

  • Cleverly designed optical illusion levels

  • Adorable character to take on an adventure

  • Four unique and adventurous seasons to travel through and complete

  • Optimized for Blackberry devices

Is Miika worth the two bucks price tag? You bet it is. If you like the look of what you've seen, then for less than the price of a coffee in a shop you can enjoy hours of 3D fun with Miika.

The only downside is that at the time of publishing there are some device restrictions, which is the problem with different shaped displays. So at the moment you'll need either a BlackBerry Z10, Z3 or Z30 to play Miika.

More information/Download Miika for BlackBerry 10