If I’m sitting at my desk at my office, or at home, my PlayBook can be found nearby with playing music. (if not found in my hands). Music helps me be productive and drowns out the background noise that may distract me. Now on the PlayBook, there are a good number of options for streaming music. One of the more recent ones is Mielophone. It’s a minimalistic search application which streams music you request. It’s said to tap into numerous sources in order to deliver results and uses SoundCloud to search. There isn’t much to the app, which is both good and bad. Basically, you can search by Artist, Album or Song. Searching by Artist gives you a short bio and their discography.

Now while Mielophone makes it easy to access songs, the results may not be the ones you are looking for. Just as many have experienced when searching for music online, you will come across a vast number of covers and remixes. If you search by song, the chances of finding the original track (even if it says original) are slim. With a few of the artists I searched for, things looked promising. I found their discography and correct song titles. However, each and every single song was the incorrect one. The developer did explain how to get more music in our own forums.

Mielophone is currently in version 1.0.1 and has a lot of potential to be an incredibly powerful application. The music began playing within 3 to 5 seconds of selection while the audio quality actually depends on the file. Above and beyond the incorrect listings (and lack of original versions), a few features that would add more functionality would include managing a favourites list and the option to search by genre. If you want to check out Mielophone, you can get it for free from BlackBerry App World.

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