Interesting news today as it's being reported that Microsoft may now be looking to follow in the footsteps of BlackBerry and bring Android apps to Windows Phone devices. According to the report, Android apps would actually be available within the Windows Phone store directly on devices. Nothing has yet been confirmed but it could make things very interesting for Windows Phone users if it holds true.

BlackBerry has obviously explored the same options — first making android apps available for easy porting, now moving up to OTA installs thanks to OS 10.2.1. There is still a big gap however as the apps aren't available directly in BlackBerry World (though some have been ported) so BlackBerry users still need to seek out alternative methods to get the apps. It has however solved a big part of the app-gap for BlackBerry users by having a much larger catalog of titles now available including Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and other big ticket apps. However they too could run into an issue with any apps that require Google Play Services, just like on BlackBerry 10.

Microsoft already has a good number of apps officially available that we still haven't seen on BlackBerry, but opening Android apps could also prevent developers from making better native apps for the platform. 

We've already seen how Android apps on BlackBerry have changed things (for good or bad depending who you ask), so it's hard to say just what would happen should Microsoft follow the same path. So what say you — having gone down the same route on BlackBerry, would Android apps be a good thing for Windows Phone users? Sound off in the comments!