Earlier today Microsoft rolled out OneNote for Android Wear of all things and that left many wondering if they'd ever port the Android version over to BlackBerry 10. As it turns out, their UserVoice forums where they collect feedback has been home to a request for OneNote on BlackBerry 10 since June.

As it stands, Microsoft has placed the request 'under review' and has noted 'We are considering the possibility of releasing our Android app on BlackBerry, but we can't promise anything right now.' If they do release it, it won't be a native BlackBerry 10 version but instead a port of the Android release but as most folks agree, even that would be a great start as the app requires some adjustments at the core level to work properly.

Rather than letting them forget about that possibility, you can head on over to the OneNote UserVoice page and add your vote. All it takes is your name and an email address to get accounted and from there you can add three votes to the mix. I'm not a OneNote user but I do like choice, so I added my own three votes and you should as well. Worst that can happen is they don't port it, which is no different than today.

Add your vote to bring Microsoft's OneNote app to BlackBerry 10

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