Microsoft announced the latest version of their Live Search for BlackBerry application today (read press release) and Kunjal Raheja from the Live Search Team was even kind enough to send the Crack Team an email to tell us about it directly:

Dear admins,

We've just announced a new version of the Live Search application for BlackBerry devices. This version has been completely re-engineered from the ground up including a new UI, simple network detection, GPS integration and a lot more!

You can download it by pointing your BlackBerry browser to:

Of course, since we've re-done the app, we haven't taken the Beta tag off...yet. =) We'd love to hear your feedback before we do so, at


The Live Search for Mobile Team

P.S. We love your site! 

In order to install the application you'll need to be running a "newer" Berry featuring OS 4.0 or Greater. For some reason it took me THREE tries to install the application. The download failed twice, I was about to give up (it only supports the United States right now so I thought potentially my being in Canada was messing it up) but I gave it one more try and the third time was the charm and the application successfully was installed. I played with it for 30 minutes before making this post. I like it! Give it a try and post your opinions on the new version in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.