Meterberry Meterberry

So I was "convinced" to use a BlackBerry Storm for a while. Skeptical at first - I'm slowly adjusting. As I was loading up as many apps as I could find, I stumbled across Meterberry. It immediately piqued my interest and I added it to my list of installs. Once I was fully operational I fired it up and I must say I was very impressed with all the information it provided. Now we all now that battery life slowly decreases during use, and our device memory tends to slowly "leak" throughout the day. The cool thing about Meterberry is it gives you logs of exactly how much. It displays your battery level, temperature, voltage and even the average discharge rate. You can also see all your memory specifications - application free and a + or - change since startup. I love checking out the memory log to see at what points my memory is dripping out the most. It was also really cool to see that at points it actually went up! Another great feature is the ability to change the homescreen icon to a battery level or temperature meter, memory icon or uptime indicator. You can also choose to reboot your device from inside the application. If you're a Storm user and want to get the most from your device, definitely check out Meterberry. It's available for only $2.95 at