Meteor Storm is a good old asteroid shoot 'em up style game. Best of all though it's free and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is a simple one - to protect your moon base from the onslaught of falling asteroids. On each side of the bottom of the screen you have a cannon. Aiming and firing is achieved by just tapping the screen where you want to shoot. 

As you would imagine - once you start the game the first few levels are pretty easy, but things get more and more manic as you progress. The size of the asteroids vary and the further you get in the game the more asteroids will be heading your way. You'll notice that every so often a satellite may float past - shoot this and you'll get a bonus. 

Both your cannons will fire at the same target which means you only need to concentrate on tapping with one finger. But if an asteroid hits a cannon you'll lose it, therefore reducing your firepower by half. 

The graphics and sound effects with Meteor Storm are fairly decent and for a free game it's well worth having on your BlackBerry. Give it a try. 

Download Meteor Storm for BlackBerry 10