Metallic- A Wallpaper Friendly Theme From Hedone Design

Here is a great theme for all you folks who like to have an unobstructed view of your wallpaper. Hedone Design has released Metallic a few days now and after checking it out it has quickly become one of my favorites. The special features built into this theme are what really make it great. For example, the drop down, dimming dock on the main screen is controllable so you can raise the icons up and down as you see fit with the space bar and escape key.

In addition to the wallpaper friendly dock, you also get battery customized battery and signal meters. When you battery hits 20% you get alerted direct on the main screen, while otherwise it remains hidden unless you are on the app screen. Today preview options are also available so thatno matter what screen you are on, your information is only a quick click away. From now until February 20th, you can grab Metallic for 20% off the original $6.99 price by simply using the coupon code "MHD20" at check out on the mobile app store.