Memory Eye

A few weeks back I checked out Meterberry for the Storm and I just recently got word of Memory Eye.  While Meterberry is currently just for the Storm, Memory Eye works on any device (OS 4.3+) and alerts you via pop-up if your memory hits a certain point.  It's a plain and simple approach and definitely a great feature for all of us out there who go crazy with apps and are sticklers for watching our free memory available.  Memory Eye has no icon and resides within the Options menu.  You can set the low memory threshold anywhere from 1mb to 50mb and even pick a color for the LED alert. When your memory gets to a certain point, you will be alerted and have the option to reset your device.  This is great to have if you are constantly worrying about your free memory and want to simplyify things a bit. If you are rocking a non-touchscreen device you should definitely check out Memory Eye.  If you're a Storm user, I would check out Meterberry due to the greater number of features.