Hey Everyone! If you're reading this and are located in the good ole US of A, I hope you're having an enjoyable Memorial Day long weekend thus far. In honor of the holiday, Craig and I decided we would take it easy this weekend and not record a CrackBerry.com Podcast. There wasn't too much in the way of new news this past week and we did record THREE podcasts while at WES, so we figured some extra time for all of you to catch up on our latest CB Podcasts would be a good thing. 

Check out the new embedded player at your right. It allows you to easily listen to our feeds (you can subscribe in iTunes too!) right on the site, and in addition to our CrackBerry.com Podcasts you can listen to our sibling sites' podcasts as well!

We'll be recording next Sunday per our regular schedule, so send in your questions and comments to podcast@crackberry.com or call them into our hotline at 1-866-904-5772 ext. 222.