Meeting Mode and Add Task coming to the Calendar app in BlackBerry OS 10.3

Sticking with the Calendar app theme today, Michael Clewley has shared a couple of more treats for us from his BBM Channel. One of which I have been wanting for a while, the other, also a most welcome feature. The option 'Add Task' from the Calendar is finally here. Well, not yet 'here' exactly but it's coming. We'll also be seeing a feature called Meeting Mode. This is basically an option you can turn on which then gives you the ability to set a Notification Profile for the duration of that meeting.

Meeting Mode is definitely something I'm looking forward to. We often forget to switch our devices to 'Silent' or even 'Vibrate Only' during meetings and/or appointments so the ability to set this beforehand is very handy. I am also so glad to see that 'Add Task' is coming to the Calendar too.


How are you liking these new additions to the Calendar app? What else would you like to see added?