BBM Sticker packs are slowly populating the BBM Shop. From big names like Shaun the Sheep, WWE and South Park, down to interesting characters such as Lil' Shelton, CosCat and Bubble Bot, designed by illustrators, designers and artists. A new sticker pack has arrived in the BBM Shop and it comes from the artist ItchySoul, who brought us CosCat, one of the first BBM sticker packs to be available when the BBM Shop was first released.

SkeletonGirl is "A bony little girl in a lovely pink wig. Loves her furry friends and beats up scary monsters". If she's your cup of tea, you can download the pack now from the BBM Shop for $1.99.

Are you enjoying BBM Stickers? I've got to say, I am, quite a bit and I have bought every pack so far, which is even a surprise to myself. When it was first announced that BBM Stickers were coming, I had nothing against it if it would benefit BlackBerry. I did say to myself that I would stick to only the free ones, unless there were packs that really appealed to me. I haven't used every sticker pack I've purchased but I guess I've bought them just to have them and support BlackBerry at the same time.

Have you bought any stickers? Have you bought them all like me? Hit up the comments and share your thoughts.