Lifebox 365 was one of the finalists competing in the JamHack Asia competition, which yours truly helped judge. We caught up with the devs at BlackBerry Jam Asia to get a closer look at their life goal tracking app for BlackBerry 10. The idea is really quite unique as far as task management apps go.

Users set big goals, such as renovating the basement, losing 20 pounds, or simply raising a puppy. As they work towards those goals users take pictures and record audio which are then piled onto a timeline. Users can then flip back and forth through this progression line of content with a scrollbar. Those goals can then be shared out to social networks and marked complete when finished. The main angle for Lifebox according to the devs is that happiness isn't in reaching goals but rather the journey you take along the way.

At first I thought that angle was a little hoaky, but the more I think about it, I can easily imagine people eagerly creating long timelines documenting important memories. Being able to quickly realize just how far you've come with a particular project can be particularly rewarding and motivating.

Best of all, Lifebox is going to be free when it launches alongside BlackBerry 10 in January, with a premium upgrade option for unlimited cloud storage of goals. The dev also mentioned the possibility of highly targeted ads for stuff like life coaches and self-help books, which would be a perfectly natural fit.

What do you guys think? Is this something you would use, or are there comparable memory-showcasing apps out there that you prefer?