Media Studio for Blackberry Updated To Version. 2.5!

With RIM launching devices with higher and higher resolution screens and the inclusion of the DivX and XviD video codecs being built into numerous devices, people are now realizing what great media capabilities their BlackBerry smartphones have. The high resolution screen makes for a great media fix while riding the train or bus to work or even just sitting in the local Starbucks having a coffee. One look at say the Speed Racer demo that comes on the Bold and you are hooked and in awe at how good it looks. This brings forth a lot of questions from users on how they make their Youtube, DVD or even personal home video files compatible so that they may take them on go with them.

Take a browse through the forums and you will find many options on how to get this process just right, but some of them are rather lengthy and not always the easiest to follow as they include a great deal of steps and often times use terms the average user may not even be familiar with. Media Studio for BlackBerry looks to solve this dilemma by creating an application that is a all-in-one solution, with minimal interaction from the user. It will help you with your Youtube videos. It will help you with your DVDs. It will also help you with all of the peronal media files that you have. All by making them BlackBerry compatible. The good news with this application is that it has been updated recently and now includes the option to create media files for the BlackBerry Storm's screen dimensions. I have used this application a good many times on Videos4BlackBerry and it really does work wonders with creating high quality video conversions and does it with style.

[ via BlackBerryRocks! ]