Best Fitness Acessories 2013

Alright couch potatoes, it's Health & Fitness month across the Mobile Nations sites so that means it’s time to get up and get moving! A lot of us start off the New Year with the best of intentions thinking things like this is the year I get back into shape and start eating healthier. Unfortunately life gets in the way for a lot of us and before we know it, it’s the start of the fall holidays and we’re still trying to work off the pounds from last year’s festivities.

I’m the wife of an Air Force Recruiter which means he travels leaving the responsibilities of the household, our three children, two dogs, my full time day job and my blogging duties all up to me. It’s a lot on one’s plate and finding time just to breathe can be difficult let alone fitting in an entire workout! With these great accessories, my BlackBerry devices help me achieve my goal of wearing a bikini for the first time in my life this summer.

Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone Jambox

The Jawbone Jambox is one of the first things I grab when it's time to work out. I do a lot of P90X workouts and no offense to Tony Horton, but I'd much rather listen to my special workout music mix over him any day. My problem is that I despise headphones. I've tried different speakers for my MP3 player and BlackBerry devices and a lot of them have an odd static noise in the background or just don't give me the "right" sound.

I did a full review on the Jawbone Jambox and I still swear by it. From the first time you switch on your Jambox, you'll fall in love. The Jambox isn't going to give you Bose quality speaker sound, but it gets pretty close. Your favorite songs will come through loud and clear. The sound is so great that you won't even realize it's all playing through Bluetooth.

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If you want to track your daily activity or are looking for a way to jump start yourself with some physical activity, the Fitbit is the way to go. Remember getting in shape requires dedication and determination. Tracking your daily exercise data is only the beginning of what the Fitbit can do. Challenge yourself every day and bring it to the next level. Fitbit even takes a hint from the popular Foursquare app with badges that can be unlocked for reaching various achievements for things like walking your first 50 miles or climbing 10 levels in one day.

While the Fitbit is a standalone unit, there are a bunch of API’s available for developers so they can tie their application into use with the Fitbit. If you’re tracking your food intake with applications like MyFitnessPal, or tracking your runs with Endomondo, you can tie your Fitbit account into those apps with a few simple clicks. Fitness is always more fun when you can share the stats with others and challenge them and yourself.

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Arkon Handlebar Mount with Waterproof Holder

Akron Handlebar Mount

The Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder is the perfect accessory to have if you ride a bike, motorcycle or anything else that you can find a way to mount it on. It installs quickly and easily with just two simple screws. The bracket swivels and tilts, allowing you to adjust your device to any angle that works for you.

What makes the Akron Handlebar Mount even better is you can use an app like Endomodo you can easily track your ride. Read Michelle’s full review here and see exactly how this great fitness accessory holds up on a ride. Use your favorite playlists for music and hit the road to a healthier you!

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Armpocket SPORT

Armpocket SPORT i-20

This eco-friendly Armpocket SPORT i-20 is made of a moisture resistant material with maximum storage capacity. With multiple interior pockets and a double zipper, you have easy-access to your music, phone, keys, ID and more when at the gym, biking or going for a run. The SPORT i-20 is made from recycled materials and soft natural bamboo rayon. It has an ergonomic design and memory foam padding that resists slipping while protecting your electronic devices from moisture.

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Motorokr Headphones

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

While I'm not a fan of headphones, I know many of you may be so I threw this one in just for you! The Motorola MOTOROKR S305 headphones have been getting rave reviews from your fellow CrackBerry readers. These headphone with their Bluetooth technology deliver style, performance and remarkable sound. Now you can enjoy your music with amazing audio quality and be completely wireles. Someone calling, no problem. You can answer the call and then return to your music all with total clarity. The MOTOROKR S305 has a lightweight design that is comfortable, snug fit. works seamlessly with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and music devices.

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Well folks, that brings us to the end of our Best Fitness Accessories review so quit get out there and get moving. If I missed any of your favorites, let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below!

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