Being BlackBerry 10 users we are all a little security conscious - especially if you use your device for business. With the ability to easily run Android apps on BlackBerry 10 some folk see this as a threat to the security of their device.

That's where Max Mobile Security comes in. We've featured many of their apps before and they have kindly dropped the price by 50% of their Privacy, Security and Utility apps until July 27th.

So if you have been tempted in the past but have been put off by the price now may be a good time to think again? I run Max Mobile Security at least once a week on my BlackBerry just to double check no threats have managed to creep into my phone.

All of the apps are Built for BlackBerry certified and they are also seeing BES deployment of the apps in multiple countries - good news.

The app list on sale is:

  • Max Mobile Security $7

  • Max Contact Manager $2

  • Max Safe Browser $2

  • Max Network Stat $1

  • Max Hide and Encrypt $2

  • Max Battery Monitor $2

  • Max SMS Spam Blocker $1

Max Secure Software is committed in further building the BlackBerry 10 portfolio of apps. There are many more upcoming privacy apps that will appeal to both consumers and enterprises.

"Building on the BlackBerry values of security, privacy and productivity our apps for BlackBerry 10 aim to extend these principles," says Sanjay Pradhan the CEO of Max Secure Software.

Download/See the full list of apps from Max Secure Software