Max Safe Browser comes from the same developers that gave us Max Mobile Security that we featured a while back. The browser is natively built with enhanced privacy and anti-phishing in mind if you are at all suspicious of certain mobile sites you may visit.

Although BlackBerry is the most secure mobile platform on the market this browser will protect you from malicious and anti-phishing sites to give you piece of mind. The developers recommend using Max Safe Browser while mobile banking, shopping or handling of sensitive passwords & data. Max Safe Browser provides enhanced privacy options and is completely private since it doesn't store any data, history or passwords.

As you will see from the above video it does a decent job and doesn't alter the browsing performance on BlackBerry 10. The app will allow you to open multiple tabs and seamlessly switch between them in true BB10 fashion.

Max Safe Browser is completely integrated with BlackBerry 10, it can be invoked from any link throughout the system. It utilizes Earconography sound design, giving the user a feedback when the website has completely loaded in the background.

Let's look at an example: So, you get a phishing email saying you need to change your Facebook password. If you open this in the native browser the 'bad guys' will get your details. But since Max Safe Browser uses invocation frameworks from BlackBerry 10 it will block the link and protect your information - sounds good to me.

Available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 - Max Safe Browser retails at £1.50/$1.99 so it won't break the bank. Sound off in the comments if you think we need this?

More information/Download Max Safe Browser for BlackBerry 10