Max Mobile Security

We first took a look at Max Moble Security back in early 2013 and the developers have once again updated the application - this time with a big new bonus feature added - Advance APK Scanner. 

With BlackBerry 10 jumping soon to 10.2.1 and even more Android applications being able to run on our platform, Max Mobile Security will offer you some peace of mind that your precious BlackBerry has the ultimate protection against any possible threats. 

You can catch the full details below: 

Press Release

Pune, India (January 4th, 2013) – Max Secure Software announces the release of the ninth version of Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry® 10 (NASDAQ: BBRY).  The update adds Advance APK Scanner and other improvements.

Advance APK Scanner allows the user to scan APK files not only for malware but also for its permissions and privacy risk. It checks & displays the APK’s permissions and also the privacy risk to the user. It categorizes the android app in 3 levels depending on its privacy risk: low, moderate and critical. 

“With OS 10.2.1 allowing direct apk installation, the apk scanner will help protect our users from android threats,” said Sanjay Pradhan, CEO and Founder of Max Secure Software. Also in the new version, the safe browser has been updated with added features and enhanced browsing speed.

It will be a free update for the current users of Max Mobile Security, available in BlackBerry World.

Why use the APK Scanner in Max Mobile Security?
Since over 90% of the Android malware comes from
3rd party app stores and unofficial sources increasing the threat for BlackBerry 10 users. The APK scanner scans for malware, displays permissions and also assigns the privacy threat level for each APK.

Download Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry 10