Max Mobile Security has been built for BlackBerry 10 to protect users from potential threats - not just on our smartphones, but on our PC's too. And why do we need this you may well ask. I can only presume that the answer to that is Android. BlackBerry has always been renowned for its security and the same applies for BlackBerry apps. But now that we have BlackBerry 10 we can also run Android apps and there may be a chance that some evil sorcery may get onto our phones. I may have exaggerated a wee bit there with the sorcery but if your BlackBerry did pick something up would that then be transferred to your computer once the two are connected?

That's where Max Mobile Security comes in. The developers recommend a weekly scan of your BlackBerry 10 device just to be on the safe side. I suppose having an Anti Virus application certainly won't do users any harm. Better to be safe than sorry.

Max Mobile Security is currently free in BlackBerry World but it will revert to its ongoing price of £5.00 in the next couple of weeks so you had better go and grab it.

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