Max File

If you are the type of person that needs to hide certain files on your BlackBerry you may well be interested in Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10. This app clearly won't be for everyone, but many people, businesses or government agencies may well have the desire to hide sensitive documents, photos, videos etc. 

My first thoughts when I was sent the details of the app was that people could just use a device password. But then I thought to myself that I hate using a password to unlock my BlackBerry and many other folk out there may do too. At least with Max Hide & Encrypt this eliminates this issue but still gives you piece of mind that your 'secret' stuff is well hidden on your BlackBerry. 

The application is priced at £1.50/$1.99 - a small price to pay for document protection. No discount is available for secret agents! 

Press Release

Max Secure Software launches Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10. It not only hides files on the device but also encrypts them.

Max Hide & Encrypt is a privacy & security app, to keep files & other data private. The file is first encrypted by Max Secure Software’s proprietary shield algorithm and then made hidden to the file system. By encrypting it nobody can access the file without the user’s app password.

Photos, videos, documents, music and any other type of file in SD card, phone memory or even on the cloud (dropbox & box) can be hidden from unwanted people. Max Hide & Encrypt has been developed using Cascades for high performance.

Download Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10