Masked SMS

This one sure is good for a giggle. Masked SMS, for BlackBerry 10, allows you to send anonymous SMS messages to anyone in the world and you can choose the name that the recipient sees rather than your real name - sounds fun!

The reason that the app works worldwide with no high costs is because the message is actually sent via data rather than traditional SMS. This also ensures that the message will show up from 'the mask' instead of your mobile number.

On the downside there are some costs involved with this one. The app will initially set you back $0.99 and that gets you 5 messages, but after that you need to purchase message packs. These are priced below:

  • $0.99 - 5 SMS bundle 

  • $1.99 - 10 SMS bundle 

  • ‎$2.99 - 15 SMS bundle 

  • $3.99 - 20 SMS bundle 

  • ‎$4.99 - 28 SMS bundle 

  • $9.99 - 58 SMS bundle

So if you are going to use the app a lot it's going to cost you, but for your money you will get a great laugh as your buddies won't know who on earth is really messaging them. I've given Masked SMS a test run and it does the job, although it's not really my thing. It may well be yours though?

Features include:

  • Select recipient mobile number from "Contacts"

  • Choice desired "Mask" from "Green" or "Golden" list

  • Add private masks to the "Golden Masks" list

  • Online statistics: SMS available, SMS sent

  • Contact support directly from the application

  • Security and account protection

  • BBM integration

  • Check coverage function

  • Messages history

  • Sound effects

  • Automatic license key restore

  • Filter of unsupported carriers

  • NO advertisement.

If you give this one a go let us know how you find it, or are you put off by the pricing? I love the idea behind the app but I'm not too keen on purchasing packs after I have already paid to download the app. Discuss.

Download Masked SMS for BlackBerry 10