During last year's North American International Automotive Show, BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled BlackBerry Jarvis, which serves as their application security testing platform for automakers and other embedded developers. Now, in a somewhat predictable move, Marvel has taken issue with the trademark registration and Nimbix hopped in as well.

Marvel Characters, Inc. and Nimbix, Inc. both filed extensions to oppose the usage for good cause. Marvel, of course, has used Jarvis across the Iron Man and Avengers films while Nimbix uses JARVICE as the name for their cloud platform.

Filing an opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board doesn't mean they're in an all-out battle as of yet, but Marvel and Nimbix will have a chance to lay out their reasoning for why the trademark to BlackBerry should be denied. If it's approved, Marvel and Nimbix could take it to Federal Circuit or a district court with jurisdiction.

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