6th Planet

If you're like me and fancy some comic book styled games, you'll certainly want to check out 6th Planet from Monkube. Having been brought to BlackBerry World thanks to Marmalade, 6th Planet is a visually stunning epic to sit down and play. If you're not familiar with the game, the goal is to guide your space pod from one side of the planet to the other side. Sounds fairly easy but I assure you, it's not as you're only given limited ways to achieve your mission.

6th Planet tells the story of a near future, where the planet Saturn suddenly changes into a possible place for humans to live. To find out what is going on, a monkey is sent into space. This is the beginning of a series of events that will determine mankind's future.

The comic story, in between the levels, consists of a total of 188 screens, which is two comic books worth of images. The story is co-written and drawn by the studio that's responsible for the Oscar nominated animation films The Triplets of Belleville and The Secret of Kells. Screens are colored by Raymund Lee, famous for his work on Marvel's Wolverine series.

In total, story mode contains 50 levels, divided across 7 worlds. In other words, there is hours of gameplay and Monkube will be adding more content as time goes on. Right now, 6th Planet is available in BlackBerry World for only $0.99 which, in my personal opinion is a steal.

If you're into hard core action, you'll want to avoid it but if you're into a casual sit down on your couch and lose a few hours of your life gamer this fits the bill. You can dig the trailer below or just skip on over to BlackBerry World and grab the download now.

Download / More info about 6th Planert for the PlayBoook