Mario can guide you around town in Google Maps as part of the Mario Day celebrations

As part of the Mario Day celebrations (March 10th, or MAR10) Google has flipped the switch for Android and iOS users to have Mario guide them around town for a limited time in addition to including a neat little easter egg for Mario fans.

To access everything, all you need to do is fire up the latest Google Maps, and after you enter a destination, you'll spot the yellow "?" box icon at the bottom. You can tap on that and then enable what Google has called Mario Time.

If you feel like having some extra fun or have some spare time, you can tap on the iconic "?" box 100 times, and you will hear the classic 1-UP sound from Mario games. Additionally, you can share screenshots and location info with others which will have the hashtag #MarioMaps added to them, just don't share personal info, mmkay? If you're looking for other Mario Day fun, check out Thrifter!