If you’re like me, you let your messages pile up on your BlackBerry. I hate deleting messages because I never know when I might want to reference a previous email. Of course, I almost never need to. I just hate throwing anything out, hence the huge pile of mostly untouched stuff in my inbox (and my garage, but that’s another article).

The problem is, scrolling through all those messages makes my thumb tired. Luckily, there are a few keyboard shortcuts to help you manage your navigation.

To jump down the message list a page at a time, it’s as simple as hitting the spacebar. Page back up by typing CAP Spacebar.
8700 Keyboard Shortcuts

On QWERTY devices, you can jump to the bottom of the entire message list by typing “B“. Typing “T” takes you to the top of the message list. You can do the same thing on Suretype devices by typing “7” to jump to the bottom, and “1” to go to the top of the list.
8100 Keyboard Shortcuts

Finally, at some point, it’s just time to let go of old messages. The messages menu has a handy little entry called “Delete prior” that appears when the date line is highlighted in your message list. It’s an easy way to quickly dump old messages and keep the message volume on your device to a manageable level. Use it. Out with the old. Let go of the past. Etc., etc…

Now for that garage…

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