If you tend to use Google Docs on a regular basis you may well be interested in GDocs which has arrived in BlackBerry App World. The application allows you to manage, access and upload documents straight from your BlackBerry, which will come in handy for many users. There are three versions of the app available in App World: a free version, GDocs Pro and GDocs Premium. I am slightly confused to what the differences are to be honest as all three application descriptions are identical, making it hard to tell what the benefits of the paid editions are. I am currently playing around with the free version and not only does it seem to be a great app but the UI is beautiful and very user friendly.

Features in GDocs include:

  • Search and filter your document list
  • Star, share and filter your document list
  • View docs in offline mode
  • Download documents to your device
  • Move unwanted documents to the trash and restore if required
  • Upload files from your device to Google Docs
  • Create new documents and edit them without using the browser
  • Take a photo and convert the image to a text document
  • Full screen view of documents for easy reading
  • Send documents via email or Bluetooth
  • Update the documents online

More information/Download GDocs (free) for BlackBerry smartphone

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