BlackBerry Developer Issue Tracker

Back during WES 2009, Research In Motion launched a new tool for developers to make use of in order to help them track bugs in BlackBerry development tools. In the time since then, the BlackBerry developer issue tracker has seen some significant growth and has helped RIM learn more about where they need to be focusing attention when it comes to correcting issues.

With the BlackBerry developers conference wrapped up now, I figured it would be a good time to re-visit the issue trackers purpose and how it can help developers and users alike. After signing up for a developer zone account you then have access to all the information the tracker holds. Having an issue with the new BlackBerry Widget SDK? The developer tracker would be the place to report such issues. Need to check and see if a reported issue has been addressed and corrected? Logging into the developer tracker would be the spot to look.

Tools like the issue tracker are a great way to report and track any issues you may come across, the only caveat to this type of system is that it depends on users and developers involvement to make it useful. If developers do not share the bugs they come across it makes it rather difficult to fix the unknown. Getting involved is key here, so if you are a BlackBerry developer check out the issue tracker and report what you find that needs fixing.