Making Priority Hub work for you

Back in January we carried out a poll to see whether or not our readers used Priority Hub on BlackBerry 10. I was actually surprised to see that there were more people who didn’t use Priority Hub. It’s a big feature for me and I guess I expected more people to make use of it. I recall tweeting this sentiment after seeing the results and got some replies. Most were saying that they couldn’t stand any unread e-mails in their inbox so they didn’t bother with it.

While I, too, can be a bit anal and don’t like to see unread emails in my inbox before I go to bed, I make sure I read an email and deal with it there and then or flag it for later reading. But there are just some emails that I need to attend to first if not straight away, hence the reason for making use of Priority Hub. I’ll still go through the rest of them at the end of the day.

In my line of work, there are just some e-mails that need attending to first or e-mails from certain people that I need to respond to as soon as I can and when you have a ton of e-mails to read through being able to filter in to see my priority list is very beneficial to me. I realize not everyone is in the same boat and it will only be beneficial to those who receive tons of e-mails a day. That’s why we have options but I thought I’d share some tips on making the best use of Priority Hub. It’s a bit of a process to get going with it but once you’re setup, Priority Hub is a really neat feature of BlackBerry 10.

When viewing your entire Hub Priority messages are marked with a red line so they are noticeable at a glance. By default, Priority Hub will mark some messages as Priority if -

  • They have the same surname as you
  • A message is marked with high importance
  • The sender is a frequent contact
  • You started the conversation

These options can be toggled off in the Priority Hub settings.

Priority Hub Settings  Priority Hub Default Options


Manually mark messages or contacts as priority

You can mark Tweets (from native Twitter app) from a certain person as a priority, as well as BBM and Facebook contacts. When it comes to e-mail messages you can mark the conversation as a priority or the sender. To mark any of these as a priority on the fly just tap and hold the message and then tap the up pointing arrow from the side. Then choose whether you want to set the contact or conversation as the priority.

Priority Hub add priority  Priority Hub Mark contact or conversation as priority

You can also manual remove a contact or conversation from Priority by tapping and hold the message then tap the down point arrow.


Create Priority Hub Rules

Marking contacts or conversations as priority can sometimes be a tedious process. What you’re better off doing is creating rules. You can create rules for each e-mail account you have added and then filter by e-mail from/to or subject. You can also set the importance of this filter and also enable it as a Level 1 Alert.

Using the rules option makes things easier. It saves you from having to manually mark them, especially when you know there’s a certain contact you will always get an e-mail from and you want to mark them as a priority. Why not just create a rule for them? Same goes for e-mails that come in with the same subject, or at least the same keyword appears in the subject line. This is what I create rules for the most - Subject keywords. When it comes to a contact, even when you manually mark them as a priority that sticks until you remove them from being a priority. Creating a rule for keywords is easier to do than doing that manually.

Priority Hub Rules Options  Priority Hub Rule Options

You will see a list of your created rules in the Priority Hub settings. You can also toggle these off at anytime or you can just delete them if they are no longer wanted.

Priority Hub Created Rules


Pinch to zoom to Priority

One of the neat features BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 brought was the Pinch to Zoom gesture. Just pinch the screen while in the Hub and it will filter your messages to your chosen criteria. This could be Unread Messages, Flagged Messages and even Priority Messages. If you value Priority messages over unread ones, make use of this feature and pinch to zoom to your Priority Hub.

Pinch to Zoom Priority messages


Instant Previews for Priority Only

Instant Previews was another nice addition to BlackBerry 10. When you receive lots of e-mail messages everyday it can actually be a little annoying, good thing you can turn it off. But there is also another option in there - Priority Only. Rather than turning off previews altogether, why not use it for your Priority messages. You can set this in the notifications area for each e-mail account as well as Twitter.

Instant Previews set to Priority Only


These are all things I do myself to make use of Priority Hub. It certainly makes handling my communication a lot more efficient especially when needing to respond to high priority messages. Will it change your mind about using Priority Hub? Sound of in the comments.