iBerry theme for BlackBerry Since launching CrackBerry.com nearly a year ago, the iBerry theme has consistently been one of the top downloads and sellers in our ShopCrackBerry.com Software Store. To me that means there is a large contingent of BlackBerry Users who want their phones to appear more "iPhone-like".

If you're one of the many who want their BlackBerry's to look like an iPhone, be sure to browse the huge selection of iBerry themes we have available for download (be sure to select the theme that corresponds with your device model and Operating System version!). If you're looking for more free themes, you can also browse through our Themes Forum.

Now, if you want your BlackBerry to sound like an iPhone, I have some good news. We have a couple of new ringtones in our FREE user-contributed BlackBerry Ringtone Gallery. This week saw the addition of the iPhone Ringtone and iPhone REMIX Ringtone (I actually quite like the Remix version.). Just login to CrackBerry.com and you can download these Blackberry ringtones for free (if you're not a member click the Create New Account tab). Enjoy!!!

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